Ghostwriters in the criticism

Ghostwriters in the criticism

Ghostwriters are now more than ever in the criticism. Meanwhile, many providers have established themselves on the global, European and also on the English speaking markets. They are accused of supporting the current trend towards science plagiarism, counterfeiting and scientific imposture by offering academic achievement in exchange for money without appearing as authors and helping others with their scams.

Criticized is the approach of commercial providers on the Internet, which through its ubiquity this (negative) manifestations of the academic reality encourages. The kind of advertising that is operated by these agencies is objected to. It refers to the work situation of the students, their social reality, the lack of time, any write-down or the lack of motivation that causes students to use the help of ghostwriters.

Even the trivialization is criticized, which is operated on corresponding websites by more or less reputable providers. Although it is referred to the criminal situation, but at the same time emphasized that the work produced by the ghostwriters merely represent a suggestion that the respective agency is to be understood only as a kind of think tank, which is immediately postponed the notice that no one from the cooperation between the client and the agency, so absolute confidentiality is guaranteed.

As a result, correct information is provided on the criminal aspects, but at the same time the customer is assured that no one will hear about it because of the special secrecy.

In other words:

The special confidentiality and discretion, so the criticism, put so much emphasis on the fact that a customer who is in time trouble or struggling with other disagreements, but just resorted to plagiarism use, especially since it is promised that he does not get caught anyway can be (see Rieble, The Science Plagiarism: The Failure of the System, Frankfurt am Main).

Due to the advanced technical possibilities on the internet meanwhile science plagiarisms are uncovered, just think of prominent cases like

  • Karl Theodor von and zu Guttenberg,
  • Annette Schavan,
  • Silvana Koch-Mehrin and now
  • the plagiarism suspicion with Frank-Walter Steinmeier,

Even ghostwriters keep getting caught in the crossfire of criticism, rightly so, remains an open question. That the ehm. Defense Ministers have employed a ghostwriter, is a guess. This was the starting point for the “Best Television Film 2013” nominated film “The Minister”, in which the protagonist’s childhood friend avenge him by making the ghostwriting public.