What is a fast lens: a complete guide

What is a fast lens? A complete guide for photographers 2023

A fast lens is an essential piece of gear for any photographer who wants to snap stunning shots in dim lighting or stop moving subjects. This results in faster shutter speeds, greater image quality, and shallower depths of the field. The word “fast” alludes to how quickly a lens can take pictures, making fast lenses … Read more

Slr vs rangefinder

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The rangefinder camera is a type of camera that uses a viewfinder system to focus on the subject, much like a pair of binoculars. It does not have a mirror like an SLR, so the photographer looks through the lens directly. This means that the photographer can accurately compose and focus without having to look … Read more

Why is leica so expensive camera?

Why is leica so expensive camera?

Leica cameras are known for their quality and precision, making them a highly sought-after brand. One of the factors that contributes to the high cost of Leica cameras is the quality of materials used in production.Another factor is that Leica cameras are assembled with precision and care in Germany and Switzerland – two countries known … Read more

Stm vs usm canon lens which is better?

Stm vs usm canon lens which is better

STM and USM canon lens are the two popular types of autofocus systems used in Canon lenses. These two types of lenses are available for both Canon DSLR cameras and Mirrorless cameras. If you plan to buy a Canon lens, you may get confused with these two lens variants. However, there are key differences between … Read more