Fall family photo ideas clothing

With fall family photo ideas clothing, a family photo session is the ideal way to commemorate all of your favorite memories. Planning out everyone’s outfits can often be overwhelming, but this doesn’t have to hold you back from capturing precious moments with loved ones! Let us help make it easier for you and guide you through picking stylish ensembles that will look perfect in photos – so don’t sweat the small stuff and let those fall vibes shine bright!

Fall family photos are a treasured tradition; however, don’t forget to make sure you book your session close to golden hour for beautiful light! If you’re stuck on where and what to wear, consider starting with yourself rather than the kids – they’ll look adorable in whatever outfit their parents choose. Plus, we’ve got an amazing blog packed full of gorgeous locations across Southern California that will help take the stress out of finding somewhere perfect for those special shots.

Fall family photo ideas clothing?

Indoor & Outdoor Fall Family Photo Outfits

As the vibrant colors of fall begin to blanket our world, you’ll find family photo season is here! It’s a special time where memories can be kept in heartwarming images that will last for generations. Let the autumnal hues bring your loved ones together and preserve those precious moments forever with timelessly stylish photos perfect for gifting or holiday cards.

From modern chic to cozy comfort, get ready for your upcoming family photo session with some of the best wardrobe ideas! Whether you decide on a classic indoor look or an eye-catching outdoor style, we have all the inspiration necessary to help make sure everyone looks their festive Fall finest.

Additionally, if you need ideas for colors or a color palette, we’ve got you covered! 

Fall family photo ideas clothing

What should a family wear for autumn pictures?

Celebrate the season with your family by creating unforgettable memories that will last for years to come. Find delight in coordinating autumnal looks – from chunky knit sweaters and midi skirts, trousers or jeans, denim and leather jackets – there’s something special made just for everyone! And complete these stylish ensembles with classic closed-toe shoes like ankle boots, dress footwear, or loafers so no one is left out of this timeless fashion moment.

Capturing the perfect family photo can be a challenge! Finding an outfit that looks great and makes everyone feel comfortable is key. Pick wisely, as these memories will last forever! With carefully chosen wardrobe choices your photos are sure to have plenty of natural smiles – creating lasting images that you’ll cherish for years to come.

What colors should you wear for a fall photoshoot?

Get ready to capture the beautiful colors of fall with your wardrobe! Neutral tones form a classic backdrop for you to work some stylish flair into, so why not liven things up with pops of eye-catching earthy hues? Look out for solid shades that can be enhanced by subtly patterned prints – here are some inspiring color combinations to get those creative juices flowing.

  • ivory, tan, charcoal, and camel
  • forest green cream, brown, and tan
  • tan, ivory, camel, and navy blue
  • cream, rust, sage green, and tan
  • ivory, forest green, tan, and burnt orange
  • camel, burnt orange, ivory, and navy blue
Fall Family Photo Outfit Color Palettes

What do you wear to a outdoor photoshoot in the fall?

Make sure to dress for success during your outdoor photo session this fall! With the cooler temperatures, it’s important to take along layers – after all, you don’t want a chill ruining an hour or two of perfect photographs.

For a chic and sophisticated look, try pairing a long-sleeve floral dress with suede ankle boots. Add in an extra layer of warmth or style by topping off your outfit with denim or leather jackets, shawls for the chilly days, vests to keep cozy yet fashionable or even wool fedoras for those windy afternoons.

As the autumn leaves begin to fall, so should any thoughts of high-heeled pumps or strappy sandals for your outdoor photoshoot. Instead, make sure you bring a trusty pair of heeled ankle boots or knee-highs with wide and sturdy heels as they will provide support along possible rough terrain – ideal when it comes to capturing those cherished memories! If you’re looking for something more laid back then why not consider loafers, dress shoes or comfy sneakers? The perfect accompaniment for an autumnal adventure full of treasured moments.

Outdoor Fall Family Photoshoot Outfit Ideas

Capture your family’s unique style with an outdoor photoshoot featuring a blend of neutral shades and autumn-infused patterns. For the perfect photo, combine cozy textures and eye-catching prints for a memorable look that will last forever.

fall florals, tan, and denim.

Fall Family Photo Outfits @jessicasnowphotograohy

We love this family portrait with the mom in a lovely floral dress with fall colors and the dad in a denim button-up shirt and tan pants. The little ones are in ivory tops and a mix of denim and tan bottoms to tie the look together. 

You can never go wrong when mixing neutrals with subtle earthy colors for fall family photo outfits. 

florals and neutrals.

Fall Family Photo Outfits @kmiles photography

Fall is the perfect time to don some printed styles for family photos. For a timeless, classic feel in your snaps this season, why not try contrasting dark florals with neutral hues? Let mom and one daughter go wild with their prints while the rest of the little ones rock head-to-toe neutrals!

With this clever mix ‘n’ match combo you can achieve an effortless look without all those vibrant colors distracting from everyone’s smiles.

Fringed suede and shearling

This family created a perfect autumnal scene with their ensembles; mom and daughter in pristine white dresses, dad sporting an edgy leather-shearling combo – all accompanied by the warm fall hues of nature. The harmonious look speaks to the timeless bond this family shares.

Blush and green hues.

Fall Family Photo Outfits @juliaberolzheimer


This family is sure to stand out during their next apple-picking outing! Mom wows in blush pink overalls, an earthy brown blazer and turtleneck sweater. Her little girl looks gorgeous with a printed floral jacket paired with sage green skirt – the perfect combo of on-trend warm shades creating all sorts of autumnal vibes. We are loving this mother daughter duo’s style.

Coastal vibes

Fall Family Photo Outfits @marypastuh

Experience the beauty of coastal living this fall with your family! Capture timeless memories in laid-back, casual outfits that embrace a beachy vibe. Dress up junior in cozy knitwear and Hunter boots while Mom rocks an autumnal trench coat paired with ankle boots. Dad looks dashingly handsome as he completes the seasonal look by donning jeans, brown shoes, and earthy sweater tones.

laid-back black and tan.

Fall Family Photo Outfits @makaila kay

Capture the spirit of autumn with a timeless family look featuring black and camel tones. The daughter is dressed in an adorable polka-dot top while everyone coordinates their outfits with stylish all-black footwear – including a pair of chic sneakers!

black, brown, and ivory.

This picture-perfect family is perfectly coordinated, creating a timeless look with stylish elements. The mom looks stunning in her tiered midi dress and edgy black boots while the dad channels classic fashion in his combination of dark shirt and jeans accessorized by a tan button down.

To top it off, the little one dons an adorable ivory jumper paired with sage green accents – all complemented beautifully against the vibrant sunflower field backdrop.

burnt orange and creamy neutrals.

Let your family’s fall portrait truly pop with the vibrant hue of burnt orange! The striking shade creates an eye-catching contrast against cream and ivory tones, while complementing Dad’s tan pants. Strike a pose in style this season – choose burnt orange for unforgettable pictures you won’t forget.

The family is stylishly celebrating the autumn season, making a bold statement with orange-inspired hues that pair wonderfully with subtle neutrals. Everyone looks cozy and put together in their warm knits, especially mom who’s shining brightly in her long sleeve midi dress.

cozy grey knits + mist blue.

Fall Family Photo Outfits @nastenie

From the soft, beautiful colors to their comfortable and stylish outfits, this Pacific Northwest family portrait radiates coziness! The ladies can rock trendy chunky knit sweaters for a head-turning look while keeping it lowkey with some tan trousers.

For the males, an effortless ensemble of leather boots complemented by casual wear make these photos a true reflection your unique style as a unit.

modern country vibes.

Fall Family Photo Outfits @sbkliving 3

This rustic, yet refined Idaho family look is simply gorgeous! The mom stuns in a cable knit midi sweater dress and the dad wows with a cozy shearling patterned jacket. Little ones don denim ensembles topped off by sneakers to keep it casual – all coming together for some timeless fall photos that are sure to make memories last forever.

perfect in plaid.

Fall Family Photo Outfits ideas @juliaberolzheimer

Plaid is the perfect pick for autumn – especially when worn in earthy hues. This mother-daughter duo demonstrate how to keep it casual yet chic with identical plaid jackets and jeans, giving a fun take on classic style.

To create a stylish, cohesive look for your family photoshoot, one or two individuals should show off their bold sides with plaid while the rest of the clan can stick to classic tan and denim. This mix-and-match approach is sure to make your shoot unforgettable.

light, airy, and earthy.

Fall Family Photo Outfits

Capture your family’s warm love and closeness with a photo shoot inspired by the freshly-fallen leaves! If you prefer an uplifting atmosphere over darker hues, opt for ivory combined with tans, beiges, and browns.

Mom can wear an elegant dress paired with chic booties while dad adds contrast in a classic button-up shirt and trousers – perfect for those precious memories to last forever.

black, leather, and camel.

Fall Family Photo Outfits @dina averuk portraits

Step into a city haven this fall with the perfect family photo outfit combo – mom in leather and lug boots, dad in camel sweater jeans, and son adorably cute as ever sporting denim, leather jacket and sneakers. Contrasting tones against an urban backdrop for that sophisticated autumnal look your entire clan will love.

metallic brown and plaid.

Fall Family Photo Outfits @laurenjperry

This family proves that earthy tones are a stylish way to go for fall! Mom’s metallic brown dress spruces up the photo while still staying cozy, and Dad and little boy provide a relaxed vibe. It strikes an effortless balance of warm formalness without looking stuffy.

beanies and black.

This family looks so stylish and cozy! They are definitely owning the fall look with their matching beanies and black-and-tan outfits – plus a few touches of burnt orange for an extra pop. Perfection!

Indoor Fall Family Pictures Outfit Ideas

Bring the outdoors in this fall with an unforgettable indoor family photo shoot! Whether you have a studio or prefer snapping pics at home, we’ve curated some of our favorite styles for your picture-perfect session. Don’t forget to capture each unique moment and every precious smile.

casual in the kitchen.

Fall family photos don’t have to be just outdoors – why not bring the shoot indoors and capture a cosy, homely feel with everyone wearing comfortable denim and casual tops? The warmth of autumnal colors really brings it together for an intimate yet stylish photo experience.

beige, blue, and florals.

Fall Family Photo Outfits @caitlynnikula

As the leaves start to fall this autumn, why not capture some of your family’s closest memories with a unique and stylish photo session? For the perfect backdrop, consider a funky loft studio. When it comes to outfits, think of putting together a neutral color palette featuring on-trend pieces like mom’s subtle blue floral maxi dress with loafers, dad’s beige shirt and jeans combo or that sage green jumpsuit with light brown knee high boots for junior. The key is to strive for relaxed timelessness while capturing these special moments between parents and their children — have some fun with it too.

laid-back denim and white shoes.

Capture this season’s cherished memories with a timeless minimalist family photoshoot! Mom and Dad are effortlessly stylish in vintage-wash jeans, white shoes, and relaxed tops; their little one is dashingly dressed down in the perfect knit jumper. No need for frills or fussy fashion – just easy elegance that will be remembered for years to come.

black knits and shades of brown.

This stylish family rocks the fall season with their black and monochromatic brown ensembles. Their studio photoshoot is a great example of how indoor photos can look amazing this time of year – stunningly chic.

What should you not wear for fall pictures?

For fall photos, you want to make sure you look good and complement the beautiful autumn scenery. Here’s what you should avoid wearing:

  • Uncomfortable footwear. If you are outside for your fall photos you’ll want comfortable, sturdy footwear as you’ll be doing a lot of standing and a decent amount of walking.
  • Bright or neon colors. Instead, opt for earthy color tones and neutrals as autumn is all about soft color palettes.
  • Bright white. Instead opt for ivory, cream, or beige as these shades are more suitable for fall. 
  • Baggy clothing. Baggy clothes can make you appear frumpy. Instead, opt for well-tailored clothing that flows naturally and accentuates your curves. 
  • Baseball caps. Not only do they look overly casual, but the brim can also create a shadow over the face that won’t look good in photos. 

If you are still unsure about what to wear and not to wear, chat with your family photographer before the session as they will be able to give you more specific guidance. 

Final Notes

Fall is the perfect time of year to gather everyone in the family together for a photo session. To make your family portrait visually striking, choose fall outfits that are within the same color scheme for the entire family. Stick with neutral shades or subtle earthy colors like whites, grays, and peaches – all of which wonderfully capture the hues that are so popular during this season. Keep this advice in mind when you’re picking out clothing for your family photo session, and you’re sure to be delighted with your results.

A fall family photo session is an amazing way to capture cherished memories. Choosing clothing styles that reflect the personalities of your family best is an important first step when deciding on fall outfits for your styling session. A great idea is to pick out lovely ensembles in the same color palette – you’ll love how cute it looks when your entire family coordinates! Don’t forget to have some fun with it and consider picking out hats, accessories, and playful props to bring unique character and life into the photos. When it’s all said and done, you’ll be beaming with pride as you admire a wall feature of beautiful fall family photos captured in time that will bring years of joy. 

What should I wear for family pictures in the fall?

Take a dim color. Avoid saturated colors as they are distracting. … Suitable clothing is always preferred. Although flowy clothes are in fashion today, they can disguise an individual’s body shape and be less flattering when photographed. … Co-ordination of your interior design. The “Foundation” is a group of people who are unable to speak in the language of their native country. It is a simple dress.

What to wear for fall family photos 2022?

Color for the Fall Family Picture. Moms: Sweaters, shirts. Dads: Sweatshirts, pants, belts, footwear. Girls: red gowns, black sandals, orange floral dresses, brown sandals, Top + Overall, brown shoes. Boys: Levi KAHI Pant. Black sweatshirt, belt. Shoes, onsie, and generals.

What to wear for fall outdoor family photos?

I love the colors of autumn like crimson. Aubergines and other green fruits are also good. Mostly if mixed in neutral colors, such as gray, cream, or ebony. Choose between 2 colors, even if your expert isn’t. Use neutral colors to create an elegant look.

What clothes look good in family pictures?

Tell me the best outfit.Neutral colour combinations. No matches found. … Patterns such as floral stripes and plaid. It is possible to mix-and-match and never fear to combine it with contrasting colours or denims.

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