The ghostwriter market

The ghostwriter market

The market for ghostwriters is now hard to miss. This applies both to the global, the European framework as well as to UK and the English-speaking countries.

This shows alone a look at the World Wide Web. There are now agencies for a variety of occasions and occasions. It is important to differentiate between the various types of ghostwriting. It is differentiate between

Academic ghostwriting, i. the preparation of chores, diploma theses, bachelor theses, master theses, dissertations or dissertations, term papers, habilitation theses, expert opinions, (legal) judgments (for exercises), exposés, static evaluations, specific assignments, presentations, translations of or in other languages ​​as well as scientific articles for specialized journals.

This presupposes that the author can think scientifically and analytically, master the usual citation rules of his subject, be able to create bibliographies correctly and deal with the possibilities of the Internet and the modern text production of Microsoft Word, Excel and possibly SSPS. Added to this is the editing, ie correcting the text templates created by customers.

Popular scientific texts: Non-fiction books, textbooks, guidebooks, self-publishing and help with the search for publishers.

Creation of management texts: scientific work in consulting companies, the scientific foundation of consulting concepts, company presentations, newsletters, texts for personnel management and corporate governance.
Biographies according to the client.

For all this work exist worldwide in the World Wide Web companies that offer their services as agencies and thereby establish the contact between the client and the respective authors. With some exceptions, academic ghostwriting has no direct relationship between the client and the author.

Only if the customer expressly so wishes and the author agrees, the agencies reveal the identity of the authors. Usually this is not wanted; Nor do the authors learn whether the texts they have created correspond to the academic requirements of the respective university.

On the other hand, the situation is different for popular scientific texts, (auto-) biographies or management texts or other templates. The authors learn whether their texts achieve the desired effect; Often they are even involved in the turnover of the respective (book) production.

Given the competition that has now entered the ghostwriter market, many agencies have begun offering additional services. Plagiarism checks are carried out with the help of plagiarism software, the review by specialists (supervisors) in the respective field as well as the general review of compliance with the formatting rules and scientific standards. On the websites, the respective providers advertise with all these services to set themselves apart from the competition.

As a result of the many plagiarism cases in recent years, there has been a kind of hysteria on the demand side as far as academic ghostwriting is concerned.

Above all, students must always be made clear that plagiarism exists only when scientific statements and thoughts that were developed by other authors, without source or reference to the fact that the author is not the (intellectual) author, are taken over , Therefore, if the respective work has a correct source indication at the respective places, there is no conceptual plagiarism.

On the other hand, it is characteristic of automatic plagiarism software that all textual correspondences with texts on the Internet or in search engines are detected.

Since more and more authors are going to publish their scientific findings on the Internet, almost always such matches will be found. This also applies to legal texts in which there are no copyrights; These are also reported as plagiarism, which can be easily recognized as nonsense.

Such “overheating” is currently very common in the ghostwriter market. On the one hand, they show the almost hypertrophic fear of detecting plagiarism and, on the other, the spread of ghostwriting. Otherwise, news about plagiarism would not have such exaggerated effects on the academic “community.”

Absolutely unproblematic is academic ghostwriting, as far as it concerns texts, which are created on behalf of a customer for this like e.g. scientific texts for companies, for scientific books or articles in professional journals.